IPRC Musanze Staff won two games and lost one against IPRC Gishari Staff

On the 13th March 2020, IPRC Musanze staff were visited by IPRC Gishari staff and they played a friendly match in three different sports disciplines, namely Basketball, Volleyball and Football. These games were organized to strengthen the mutual cooperation between staff of the two institutions and exchange profession-related ideas. IPRC Musanze won two games and lost one. Basketball, IPRC Musanze vs IPRC Gishari (53-26), Volleyball: IPRC Musanze vs IPRC Gishari (3-0), Football: IPRC Musanze vs IPRC Gishari (1-2).

During the three games, all teams were very eager to win; this led the games to a tough competition. In Basketball, IPRC Musanze staff outstandingly led the game; they applied different tactics to win. Their long and short shots, dribbles and passes proved their potentials, beyond that, the team managed to keep the opponent from shooting by blocking shots and passes in the vital area. This game was presided over by two referees, namely Gisle Munyakazi and Patrick Murwanashyaka, both from IPRC Musanze.

In Volleyball, IPRC Musanze staff dominated IPRC Gishari; the teams played 3 sets of which IPRC Musanze won.  IPRC Musanze players managed to control well the ball by digging, setting, spiking, blocking, serving and receiving the serve. Through their upright settings, IPRC Musanze scored almost all balls set; this led to its victory.  The referees in this game were Prosper Mwesigye from IPRC Musanze, and Emmanuel Twagirayezu from IPRC Gishari.

In football, IPRC Gishari dominated from the first half and finally scored 2 goals over 1 of IPRC Musanze; the 2 goals were scored by Viateur Iragire and Hirwa Aimé Patrick, whereas a goal of IPRC Musanze was scored by Beloved Nkundineza. This game was presided over by Drosca Nishimwe, Patrick Manzi (both from IPRC Musanze) and Théogène Minani from IPRC Gishari.

After the aforementioned games, the staff of the two institutions met for exchange of professional-related ideas. In his remarks, the Principal of IPRC Musanze, Eng. Emile Abayisenga thanked the staff of IPRC Gishari for paying a visit IPRC Musanze. He expressed his gratitude towards the staff of both sides for their sport spirit and the mutual cooperation.  He urged them to increase the profession-related exchange of ideas to assume well their responsibilities and enhance the quality service delivery.

The Principal of IPRC Gishari, SSP David Kabuye, mentioned that the mutual support to win during the games should also appear at the workplace. He stated that working as a team will help the staff to meet their goals in their respective daily activities. In addition, the Principal of IPRC Gishari affirmed that the visit was not only a good time to exchange ideas but also a good occasion for IPRC Gishari staff to explore what their fellow staff do at IPRC Musanze.   




By Protais Niyonshima