Academic Staff urged to embrace the use of e-learning platform

On this 02nd December 2020, academic staff completed a four-day workshop on the use of online platform to improve teaching and learning activities. The workshop is in line with integrating ICT in training and promoting the approach of online teaching and learning to enhance quality education. During this workshop, teaching Staff were equipped with instructional technology skills necessary to improve their capacities in using e-learning platform in teaching and learning process. 

During this workshop, academic staff gained the competencies of preparing quality instructional materials for educational purposes; and managed to explore various techniques of using of RP e-learning platform in course delivery.  

Addressing the trainees, the Deputy Principal in charge of Academics and Trainings, Eng. Joseph Mfinanga, urged academic to embrace the use of e-learning platform and promote the use of ICT in teaching and learning activities to help students cope with technologies.  

In his remarks, the Director of Academic Quality Assurance Unit, Bonaventure Hakizimana, explained that the experience has shown that some trainers used to face challenges in using adequately online platforms in teaching. Thus, the workshop was organised to address those challenges, improve trainers’ skills and knowledge on how to use E-learning platform (Moodle) tools and review pedagogical principles required for online learning practices. 

The Senior Trainer, Jean de Montfort Uwintwari, encouraged his fellow trainers that in addition to refining the use of e-learning platform, they have to take into the Competence Based approach to produce competent graduates who meet the labour market needs.  

The e-learning platform provides a good teaching and learning environment for both teachers and students. It provides an easy access to all learning materials, and promotes day-to-day teacher-students interaction.  


By Protais Niyonshima