Access to E-Library

Access to E- Library (E-resources, E-Journals, Open Books, Theses ).

Find the following data bases address.

1.      EBSCOM (Special for research) :

Username: musanze! 7

Pass word: musanze! 7

2.      World Bank:


Password: WBeLibrary



3.      ARDI (Access to Research for  Development and Innovation )


Username:  ardi-rw021
Password: kptjqryy 


4.      AGORA (Global Online Research in Agriculture)

To begin an AGORA session, go to 
* Click *LOGIN* 
* A login window pops up. 
* Enter your username and password combination below using copy-and-paste to avoid mistakes. No blank spaces before/after password. 
* Username:   ag-rwa041 
* password:   MDJbDDsE

* Click *Login* to proceed. 
* You are now ready to use AGORA. 
* When you are done, click *Logout* to close the session. 

Musanze Polytechnic, on 20th October 2016